Pizza Review
Found myself in an area not too far from University City... somewhere down in South Philly to get my windows tinted haha... I was told it can be rough to find a good slice/pie in the area. Based on the community reviews, I decided to try this shop and was pleasantly surprised. Fresh dough combined with a wood-fired oven is usually a home run. They use a subtle tomato sauce and very good choice of cheese that is the star of the show. These guys really nailed the flavor being RIGHT down the middle in terms of not too sweet and not too savory. The previous community reviews are right on... very solid a tricky area for good pizza. Just based on the guy that delivered to me, these guys love the art of making pizza. How often does the delivery driver explain that the oven was very hot (ordered @ noon) and how it affects the product compared to where they’d prefer the temps to be? The answer is almost never haha... ONLY Taconelli’s has ever talked about the oven and ideal temps, etc with me.... so you can trust these guys to make you a great pie. The only drawback? A little bit of grease... but NOT greasy... if that makes sense. I’ve given out 8’s to lesser slices and I had to do it because if you’re deciding between this or the alternatives, order from Mattei’s. I approve (ha) That’s a review.