Pizza Review
Ok, pizza review time again. I'm here at Mattina Pizzeria on Cannon St. near Catharine. I've had this pizza before but that was about ten years ago. It was good then, have they held up? This place is super Portuguese. No website. Hard to even find a menu online. Portuguese Futbol on the TV inside. Two old guys nursing their espresso at a table with a checkered tablecloth. I was introduced to this place by my buddy John Cunha. His uncle loved this pizza so much that John smuggled a large chorico pie over the atlantic into portugal for him. True story. I called ahead and ordered a large pepperoni. The owner sounded very skeptical and suggested their deluxe pizza which is what everybody orders. I had to keep it pure and get the pepperoni. He then said it would take 30 minutes, maybe 20 minutes. At this point I think we both got the feeling that we were putting each other on and this pizza transaction might not happen. We had faith though, we had faith. #onebiteeverybodyknowstherules Whoa Johnny! This is a good pie. It's better than I remembered it. Crazy texture. Very crispy crust but soft, very chewy dough on top. The sauce has a tang to it, a little sweet, very tasty. The cheese on top is partly gooey and also crisped up a bit like a cheese cracker. This is not like any other pizza i've had. It's not fancy, it's not football pizza. It's what I would expect a Portuguese pizza to taste like, not that that's even a thing. I'm struggling with the score here. Is it that good or am just wistful of the old days? 8.1 - excellent pizza. I could eat this all the time and I might just do so. It's $15 for a large pizza. I think that's really, really good. Did I mention this place is very Portuguese? That's a review.