Pizza Review
It’s a 3.1 only because the toppings and cheese were okay. Not as good as a Tony’s $3 frozen pizza cooked in a microwave, but they were okay. I’m sorry folks, I see these big numbers this place is posting and I just really hope I got them on a bad night. Because if this was what ALL pizza tasted like, this app wouldn’t exist and no one would ever eat pizza. The crust was *literally* like a cardboard circle that had been covered in cornmeal and then singed with a piece of burning plastic. The sauce would have been runny if it had been warm. And there was a coating of grease in the sauce like it was just another layer. I took 4 bites, closed it, and you can see where the rest of it ended up. This was a lukewarm circle of garbage. I would rather eat Brussels sprouts in a bowl of coleslaw than ever take another bite of this pizza. But like I said, all of you other reviewers can’t be wrong. I’m sure it was just tonight. But I promise you I’m never going to find out. Woof.

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