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Pizza Review
Mima's. Next to Uncle Giuseppe's Supermarket, who also sells pizza, if you're looking for a crunchy thin crust above everything else, this might be the pizza for you. For me, it lacked flavor. Downtown, center of Yorktown is strip mall hell. So you have so many pizza options: Mima's, Uncle Giuseppe's Supermarket (unlisted on OneBite), Maria's, Oscar's (also unlisted), Yorktown Pizza and Pasta, Nonna's, Furci's, even Domino's all within walking distance that you'll feel you need to drive anyway. It's your pick. From the pics, I chose Maria's and Mima's today. They're menu look damn near identical. But their pizzas are distinct. First off, there's semolina on the crust. I appreciate that. That's a Full Moon (Arthur Avenue) move. It makes them distinct. The slices are similarly wide too. They sell lots of specialty slices. It's a *crunchy* crust. I know lots of people like that. Thin though not untra thin, the whole way through with a small cornicione. To be clear, this *crunch* is not crisp, it's a hard crunch especially toward the back. As opposed to the leaparding char (and pillowy rise) I got on the bottom of Grandma's Wood Fired Pizza up 202, this was a consistently dark brown crust all over the bottom. I liked that, along with the semolina. No flop. What I didn't like was on the top and towards the end crust. It was just…flavorless. Slice look like it had dried out and had been sitting there as soon as I looked at it. Mozzerella was greasy as hell. That's another tell-tale sign of a slice sitting out too long. In these situations, I try to think what it might taste like fresh but it's hard to. It doesn't help that plain slice here is now just under $4. I'm having a hard time describing the taste of the low moisture mozzerella and the sauce, which had the typical loose consistently. They were light on both. And that's fine by me, but it's a sin that they lacked any flavor. This is one of those pies that was constructed well. It holds up, no flop, well baked, is fairly distinguished with a semolina crust, and it's distinctly crunchy. But it's just let down by not being fresh, so it's hard to judge conclusively. Like I started in this review, I think people who love crunchy, thin pizza with little aeration and light on cheese and sauce, might consider this a solid neighborhood pizza option. There's no doubt it'd be better fresh. But I can't imagine it being dramatically better in flavor fresh. It needs to be better seasoned. So I have to score what I have…