Pizza Review
Served wet warm in 2-3 minutes with zero Kisco crisp and tiny E. Main St. Flop. First Bite Score: 6.1 The sauce is very good with solid flavor but it’s a little chunky. The mozzarella is very heavy, oily and undercooked with moderate salinity and poor chew. The dough recipe is the star due to its exceptional flavor, texture and chew. The undercarriage was wet and soft and not very appealing. Sub Score: 6.4 THE SAUCE: a tad bit thinner would increase the score by .4 THE MOZZARELLA: put way less and find a better way to reheat the slice THE DOUGH: step back, don’t touch anything. Aside from the friendly service (NOT!) This is an average slice. If there were more attention to detail this could be a much-high 7.0. The parts without a pound of cheese were very enjoyable. Final Score...

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