Pizza Review
Re-do! Crowd chanted it. Guys in the booth were barking for a replay Refs were sweating fucking nine millimeter bullets! Giant fiasco first time around. Delivery guy lost his footing, ended up blocks away, meanwhile the pizza is settling in the box, watching the prime of it’s life expire right in front of it’s pepperoni eyes? Eventually it arrived and it was great. Also, no pepperoni, not a thing here, they’re “milk kosher”? Idk I watched a 45 seconds of a 4 minute video on YouTube on kosher shit. I think I got it down. Nevertheless I still like meat. I like it on pizza too. But, shit, this pizza is the best in the area. You can’t get pepperoni on it, but they still nail everything else - crust, sauce, cheese. As long as the delivery guy is coherent and nobody in the shop unloads a shotgun sized divot into your cheesy goodness, you should be very satisfied First delivery, pizza had a hole in it like a shotgun blast, like part of the pizza was splattered against a graffiti soaked city wall somewhere; like sauce particles were being analyzed in a lab somewhere, forensic files shit, is this blood? Is this tomato sauce?? But no, that’s just a silly metaphor. Thing is, this pizza is rock solid. Rock-fucking-solid. If I were going to build a mountain of pizza this pizza would be the foundation. Slate, sandstone, granite...whatever rock forms mountains well this pizza forms pizza mountains.