Pizza Review
Mod Pizza on S Virginia St in Reno. Not a bad place if you need a fast little personal pizza. Cheese pizza as always. Tried ordering the cheese, they seemed almost appalled, which was weird, that I only wanted a cheese pizza, considering the other toppings are free to put on your pizza. (Side note: this place is like the Q’Doba of pizza. You walk in and it’s a counter full of toppings ready to go on your pizza and into the oven quick. The Baja Fresh of pizza, it even had that feel when ordering. It’s like an assembly line. The Chipotle of pizza. Okay I’m done with those comparisons.) As impressed as I was with the pizza process and cook time, it’s still just fast food pizza we’re talking about. Good crust. Solid cheese. Sauce was meh. But overall it’s a 6.3. That’s the score.