Pizza Review
Served lava hot in 1-2 minutes with a hard crisp and zero flop. The sauce is way above average with good tang and is super flavorful. The mozzarella is extreme high quality but very greasy due to the inferno-like oven they use. The dough recipe is okay but very chewy, especially the crust. The first bite had me dancing in heaven with a cold beer and supermodels. Then the closer you get to the middle it all falls apart, literally. The cheese is way too soupy and oily to enjoy. The slice broke apart after three bites. There is a beautiful char on the underbelly which tastes like brick oven pizza. The first bite was 8.2 the rest of the slice was 7.1. If the slices were smaller they might hold together better and that would have this slice easily in the low 8.0’s! Still, an excellent slice.

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