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1 cheese slice, 1 BBQ chicken slice, 1:30pm on a Friday, $7.50 This review is on the cheese slice Pros: Nicely browned undercarriage, visible seasoning baked into the cheese, solid crispy crust, very little flop here Cons: Kinda cheese heavy which doesn't lend itself that well to reheat, also results in a fair amount of grease. Napkin dabber Verdict: Good but not great. Slightly above average compared to other nearby slices. One or two better spots in the area. Side note: BBQ chicken slice was good as hell. It has some cheddar cheese and I didn't think I even liked cheddar. The chicken was delicious and there was BBQ sauce under the cheese as well as on the chicken. Pro move. That slice is an 8.3, unfortunately that doesn't factor into the rating. Cheese slices only but I absolutely recommend the BBQ slice.

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