Pizza Review
Ok Frankie we are at Mondello Ristorante pizza review time feb 28th 5:30pm... we came back to Streetsville Frankie because you know what they say ? Streetsville has pretty damn good pizza so we came here one more time to try —> it is February -> it’s cold -> it’s Canada and we came all the way out here to to try this pizza—-> one bite everyone knows the rules —> pizza is reminiscent of Pizza we had in the Netherlands last year which was very unique —>that could be the way to describe it? The cheese that was used was not a mozzarella or a typical cheese that you would find on pizza——> no this was more of a old Gouda type taste cheese (that they are using on this pizza) and with the pesto flavour on top and a overall appearance and texture of a borderline microwave pizza not sure if that was due to the fact that we were the first customers of the day and the oven wasn’t quite hot yet so they weren’t able to get the char on the undercarriage the way that we like to see on what was to be an authentic Italian pizza... there’s many questions here on why this pizza was so average? Sauce was over powered by the pesto .... it did have major zero flop at first but the Gouda type cheese firmed up quickly ... (some would call it cheap Dutch pizza Frankie - We wouldn’t - some would - We wouldn’t)... We are honest and we score them 1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 ~> all things taken into consideration! 5.8 (professional score) might be a little bit of a generous score for this Pizza....It reminded us of a Dutch pizza and when you think of any ethnicity besides Italian doing pizza ? you always have to wonder what kind of concoction are they going to come up with? around the Brampton and Mississauga area you get a lot of these Indian pizza joints where they think that it’s OK to mix the Blendz of Pizza cheeses with a little bit more Indian spice and flavour and then we would hope that when we go to the Italian place that you wouldn’t be met with a Dutch pizza ?? with this Dutch tasting Gouda cheese on it -> it was definitely not something that considered a highlight when we were in The Netherlands ... much like this pizza was something we DO NOT consider a highlight coming to Streetsville—> we are sure that their food is good but their pizza is definitely something to be revamped (we also tried the bruschetta for a bonus review it was not good as the tomatoes were not fresh and we are going to give the bruschetta at 3.1) and a 5.8 on the pizza —> that’s a review!