Pizza Review
OK, first and foremost? You need to understand why Dave gave this pizza a perfect 10. Hint. It’s not for the overall quality. Now don’t get me wrong. The pizza is decent. Cheese is of good quality, sauce is solid and even though the crust doesn’t have a ton of flavor by itself, it’s pleasantly crispy…almost “cracker-like”. I enhanced my pizza with a slight shake of salt and a moderate dusting of grated Parmesan cheese from the glass filled container on the counter. It’s a 12” pie, cut into 8 little slices for $8.50. I rate it a 7.1. So, why the highest score in One Bite Pizza history? El Prez grew up here on the North Shore of Massachusetts, playing all sorts of sports with his little buddies. Believe it or not, he was actually a good athlete all the way up through high school. After a game or practice it was not uncommon to head to Monte‘s for pizza. This is where Portnoy developed his love for pizza. Bottom line? Is this a pilgrimage-worthy destination for amazing pizza? No. But, if you are a Barstool/Portnoy/One Bite fan, it would definitely be worth a 45 minute detour so you could say, “I ate at the place where it all began”.