Pizza Review
Okay Dave Portnoy, you need a do over on this place. This place is a 5.4 slice and that's being generous and not factoring in the bug in my drink. They gave me the drink for free. Thanks. This place is not a 10.0 score slice. The pizza was literally frozen, you could see the water from where it defrosted when they brought it out. Please don't go here based on his review. I'm not bashing because of the bug in the drink, I'm just trying to save you the drive from however far you drove like myself. If the pizza was good, I'd come back because the bug thing happens. I've tried other pizza places he has rated in the past couple of years and they are spot on. Don't know if he was paid off or something, but it's not good. It wouldn't let me post 2 pictures, otherwise I'd post the pic of the pizza.