Pizza Review
Mrs. T’s has been on my radar for over 2.5 years. Their hours never made it convenient for me to grab on my lunch break. Anyway, got it tonight amid the Coronavirus because I’m hoarding my stash of food, and wanted to support small business. Anyway, their stuffed pizza seems to be their flagship, so I grabbed that and a thin. The thin was okay. Pretty greasy but nothing stood out. It was cooked firm but didn’t have a crunch. The stuffed though was the biggest stuffed pizza I’ve ever eaten. The medium I ordered weighed...7.8 pounds. First thing you get is the sweetness in the sauce. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but it was sweet with garlic. I’ve had this type of sauce many times and it’s never been my favorite, but I know people who only love this type. However, the execution was spot on for such a heavy pizza and I think everyone needs to try Mrs. T’s at least once for something different. I enjoyed it. Solid spot.