Pizza Review
If you don't live under a rock in Chicago, chances are you've probably heard of or seen Nancy's. While known for their stuffed pizza, actually claiming they invented it, I went with the thin crust delivery. On time, hot, and fresh. This is another place where you know you're going to get a great pie every time, and it lives up to Chicago's pizza reputation standard. The crust is flour based and cooked well enough to have a a slight crunch, but still a soft bite. The cheese is seasoned well and not too salty with not too much, not too little distributed across the entire pizza. The pepperoni is mild with just a little spice, and the sausage is juicy with a nice texture. The sauce is on the savory side, but still tasted light and fresh. Nancy's is another one of those places that will appeal to the masses whether they are picky or not on pizza. Check out a Chicago classic!