Pizza Review
OVERRATTED!! Better than your average NJ pizza but I wouldn’t go out of my way for the pizza again. **For pizza lovers in NJ go to COFFARO’S pizza is south river NJ. Go on a Friday and thank me later** Detailed review below: Sauce = the sauce is dry and hard to taste Crust = this is a very thin crust bar pie. For bar pie I would say this is one of the better pizzas. No grease at all and clean. Nice crunch to the crust Cheese = 75/25 cheese to sauce ratio but the cheese isn’t overpowering. Serving size = I ate the whole pizza in 5 minutes so bigger guys might need 2 pizzas Aftertaste = probably the best thing about this pizza. After slice 2 it started to kick in and it was good Price = great price @ $12.50 Margarita pizza = 7.8. More taste than the plain, but pricy @$22