Pizza Review
When ranking the best bar pies in New Jersey, Federici’s & Star Tavern are pretty much the gold standard. But Nancy’s makes a good case to be in the conversation. Super thin dough, very light and wonderfully crispy, it meets several standards of a quintessential bar pie. The dough is cracker-like but a bit thicker than the matzah-like dough they use at Pete & Elda’s. The crust is perfectly crispy & crunchy with a well done char that is easily the best attribute of this pizza. The sauce is a tad light, tasty, but could use a little kick to enhance flavor. The cheese is tight & rigid, like most bar pies, lacking that creaminess you find on Neapolitan pizzas; minimal grease is a nice bonus though. Overall it’s a really good Jersey bar pie, a few notches below Federici’s & Star Tavern but much better than Pete & Elda’s. Worth making a trip if you are a bar pie connoisseur.