Pizza Review
This is almost a mirror image of Nanuet Restaurant pizza; the size, taste & texture is practically identical with the exception of a more dessert pie-like crust & an abundance of spices atop the cheese on the Hotel pie. The dough is very similar aside from the semolina bread crumbs underneath to prevent moisture buildup, keeping the pizza firm and dry. This pie actually bears a striking resemblance to Patsy’s Tavern pizza in Paterson, NJ with the dessert pie-like crust and shallow pan pizza style. Considered to be a bar pie only in size really; it’s neither thin nor crispy like standard bar pies. The dough is flakey, light & slightly tastier than Nanuet Restaurant pizza. The cheese is similar to thick Greek style that blankets the dough but is well seasoned for added flavor. The sauce is light, not very thick, tasty but not super flavorful. Overall, this is more of a tavern style pizza pie, emphasis on the “pie.” 🥧 Not particularly my style in either taste or texture, but it’s not bad. This joint is actually really cool inside and worth checking out if you’re in the area; just don’t expect much from their pizza. A notch better than Nanuet Restaurant pizza but neither one floats my boat.