Pizza Review
This pizza definitely puts the “pie” in pizza pie. 🥧 They call it “thin crust bar pie” but it’s really more of a “shallow dish pan pizza.” With flakey dough and buttery crust, this is very similar to Chicago deep dish style dough & crust, much like a dessert pie with tomato sauce and cheese in a shallow pan. This is not like typical bar pie; it’s not light or crunchy and the cheese isn’t razor thin or tight either. Small in diameter, bigger than personal size, certainly shareable, it’s heavier than typical bar pies but not a particularly heavy pizza. The dough is just too similar to dessert pie, almost cornmeal-like. The sauce is unimpressively bland, lacks any real pizzazz, not a very distinct flavor, more neutral than anything. The cheese is a bit too thick, seems like a whole milk mozzarella that really blankets the pie, similar to Greek style, overpowering the sauce. In fact, the dough taste and texture is strikingly similar to Greek style pizza, only this dough is flakey, not sponge-like. I’m not a fan of this “pie style” pizza; it’s not bad, it’s not great, it’s just not my style. I prefer thin and crispy bar pies or traditional football/Neapolitan pizzas.