Pizza Review
Round pie: well based on the reviews and talk I was Unfortunately disappointed in this pie, maybe I was anticipating a higher score similar to other reviews on the app. Letdowns; No crisp, very floppy and a bit greasy. High points, decent taste, a typical “pick up a bunch of pizzas for a kids birthday party”. Round pie score 6.2. Now for the square pie, I typically evaluate these pies a bit differently since in your mind your thinking Sicilian, so crispness is not usually part of the evaluation. This pie had a very nice robust flavor, which I really loved the sauce. Since I only had a slice of each, I immediately wanted to taste the first pie again, Becuase it appears they use two different sauces. It may be the same sauce, the reason I would like to have tried the round again but, I’m already two fat and another slice was off the already violated diet. In any event the sauce was excellent, just enough cheese and the pie was enjoyable. For the square pie I give a 7.1. Also note; you probably should not eat very many square pie slices I am sure the carb count is equal to a weeks worth. Combined score is 6.6

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