Solid spot
Pizza Review
Opened in 2007, this is 1 of 2 Napoli’s locations in Hoboken (the other on Washington St.) founded by Frank Volpe, whose family established the legendary Lombardi’s Pizzeria in Manhattan all the way back in 1906! This pie is a cross between NY style & Hoboken football pizza; a thick, heavy & doughy 18-inch super soft pie, despite a beautifully blackened & charred undercarriage. The texture of the dough is remarkably similar to a wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, uber soft with zero crisp to go along with a chewy & crunchless crust. Definitely not undercooked, the flop is minimal & the slices are fairly firm & tasty, just ultra soft. Melted magnificently, the mozzarella is mostly creamy & flavorful with a marvelous consistency. The taste of the cheese compliments the dough & sauce tremendously. Super sweet, terrifically tangy & bursting with tomato flavor, the sauce absolutely dazzles. Despite a slightly chunkier blend, it’s not overly hearty but the volume is significant, adding substantial weight to the pie. The best attribute of this pizza, the sauce shines brightly; however, I could see it being too saccharine for some. In a battle of taste vs texture, the dough, sauce & cheese are all delightfully delicious; but the mega soft & chewy texture of the dough & crust holds this pie back. You might like a softer pizza; and if you do, you’ll love this pie. A crispier & crunchier pizza would be an automatic 8+ with these outstanding ingredients. A 7.6 is a more than fair rating with plenty of potential to score higher if the crisp can be adjusted.