Pizza Review
Napoli’s is polarizing if you look at the reviews. I think that partly down to people who order a slice versus a fresh pie or maybe the Boss Man has become more inconsistent with age, like some people are saying, I don’t know. I got a slice. But I’m curious enough to get a fresh pie next time. This place literally looks like a small pizza hut. It’s a little old school joint run by Italians from the old country. It’s got the red bench table combo seats and counter you’ve seen everywhere since the at least the 80s. They told me this place is over 30 years old at its current location and they actually still list on their website that they’re from Peekskill…you can tell they must’ve paid a dude to just throw up a website on that “internet thing”. But on to the pizza. Crust is a bit thicker than most places around here. It’s got a chewy top to it. Browned but not charred much. It is not light or airy. Sauce was abundant with a big pop of dry oregano. Quite a bit. Cheese was blotted on and greasy. A distinctive slice compared to many places nearby. But I can’t say it’s the best like these very high reviews, nor is it below even a 5.0 on my scale. Because that includes a lot of things called “pizza” and different styles and types from all over the place. Anyway, I’m going 6.5 but my final opinion will be based on a fresh pie.