Pizza Review
Napoli's was my last stop of the night and I didn't even expect to be able to get a slice as they were just about to close (more on that later). They are a small, I'm guessing mostly take out pizza spot with a couple tables to the left of the counter. Since I was on my way to Jersey for the pizza trip of a lifetime, I didn't really want to get a whole pie knowing that I was going to have to order a half dozen of them throughout the next couple days! Lol luckily they still had a couple slices which had most likely been sitting on the counter for quite some time by the time I arrived. I ordered a slice of cheese and asked for it cooked well and while it was very crispy and had good flavor overall, it was quite dry and suffered because of it. I expected a bit more after seeing the prez's review and high overall community score. I will most likely revisit Napoli's in the future and get a fresh pie and give them a second review as I think they deserve it, but this score reflects what I received on this stop.