Pizza Review
So, I was very excited to try this place ~ highly recommended by some people I work with, and for a bonus it’s kind of close to my old neighborhood when I was a wee lad. While waiting to order, my Lady & I were standing behind possibly the most obnoxious person I’ve ever encountered. 😂 Bunch of people on a line in an enclosed kind of tight area and this guy won’t shut the hell up on his Bluetooth. Talking at a volume 100, everyone on line hated him. We applauded when he left lol. As for the pizza. It took me by surprise honestly! First bite, I didn’t get it… was thinking “nothing great”, but with each bite I was liking it more and more. The crust is AMAZING. It was absolutely my favorite part. Cheese and sauce was good enough, but the crust was so light and fresh. Honestly, very VERY good. Look at the pic, you can see for yourself. I see why this place is so popular. I see Dave gave it the exact same score. Great minds… ay oh..