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Pizza Review
Pizza is chewy and gross! Unfortunately, this place has the worst service, from not only the phone boy and the Manager, but also the owner. Our pizza was delivered over 40 min late, barley warm and chewy. We called after a quoted delivery time of an hour and a half and were told it left 15 min ago and would be there any minute. 20 minutes later we had to call back because it still wasn’t delivered. The phone boy was rude and condescending. It finally came 15 minutes later. So, it had been in the car for 45 min sitting. When we received it it was chewy and barely warm. We called back a third time to be put directly on hold for 5 minutes. We then asked for the manager and the phone boy laughed while handing the phone over. That alone is a reason to never eat at this place. The lack of basic respect is ridiculous! The Manager was no better. She decided she wasn’t going to give a refund because we couldn’t prove the pizza was bad?!?!? Really? Like we need the $25. Again, a second reason to never eat at this place. So, we asked to speak to the Owner. To her credit, she did call us back. But, after 10 min of arguing with us about how her pizzas couldn’t have been bad we gave up and realized why the phone boy and manager act the way they do. It’s sadly a poorly run operation that lacks basic customer service. I would never advise anyone to ever eat here. Do yourself a favor and head down the street to Sal’s. Better pizza, better service and better people.