Pizza Review
Normally, when I see a pizza place in California that calls itself by the name “New York pizza”, I know I’m in for trash. But this place has multiple awards for “best pizza” in the region hanging on their wall, so I gave it a chance one Sunday afternoon. And boy was I surprised. I love this place. The smell, from the moment I walked NEAR told me they knew how to use their spice rack. (Yeah, I smelled the pizza through the mask) Great pizza, and great employees who really seem to like working there. They have a really cool window into the kitchen, too, so you can see there’s no shenanigans going on. Makes it rona convenient to stand outside next to the kitchen window as your pie is being made, so you don’t have to stay inside with the placebo choking off your air supply for 20 minutes because you forgot to call ahead. It’s the middle of the Rona so I couldn’t eat it there, and ended up driving to a park about 10 minutes away, gave it just enough time to not melt my face off. Pizza specs: requested extra sauce, double pepperoni, well done. Review: could have been more well done, I like my pie looking like it just escaped the inferno. No flop. Despite the heaviness of the extra sauce, it had no flop. Good crunch in the crust. Kind of a sweet sauce, with a bit of spice to it, great flavor, found myself scooping sauce off the tray it was that good. It’s definitely not the thin and traditional NY style that you see on most of Dave’s videos, more of a Midwest style to the shape and thickness, but the flavor is amazing. They have an optional “New York style thin crust” on the menu, and it’s definitely thin, but still not quite NY style. This is definitely a place I’ll be going back to whenever I can.