Pizza Review
Ok Have we got a review today Frankie -> we are at Nino D’Aversa (pizza review time June 5th 12:30pm)... Place is straight gangster! Straight Gangster. You a little soft? don’t like toxic alpha men? don’t come here !! This place is so hard !!!! that you actually want to drive away before you review the pizza because you’re scared to review the pizza there ... just like el’ presidente... has been in the past reviewing pizzas .... and ‘that’s’ all we thought about this place... and We’ve only felt this a few times in the past (once for sure at Tonino’s in Brampton) .... and it is definitely intimidating when you’re going into an establishment to eat and every Person in there is not to be fucked with —> just straight gangster is the only way we can put it. During Covid times The guys behind the counter had their masks around their chins a few of the customers in the store had no masks on at all —> with the looks on their face like if you were to say something to them about it ?? they would smash you-> maybe kill you ? The only other review on here is a straight 10 out of 10 score ... these guys are straight up gangster and if they found you slandering their place and not giving them a 10 out of 10 score ? they were clip your balls and shove them down your fucking throat and you better believe it they would and there is no fucking around !!! when you’re coming to a place like this —> you shut the fuck up -> you order when asked —-> you pay —-> and walk the fuck out —> all the while ........ you keep respecting all the people you should because you’ll get in a fight and that’s it... be cool ... everything is cool ... it’s super busy and it is constant traffic and yeah there are a few of those hard-core gangster types heading up the intimidation factor in the room —> that cannot be denied —> and it is the first thing that we noticed when we walked into Nino D’Aversa... just the ‘name’ sends shivers up your spine and please remember we are taking about a Pizzeria here... an eating establishment! That anyone in the world with cash should be able to patronize ? But it’s not so —> it’s an exclusive club of hard motherfuckers and though Pizza is an art and they truly aim to make a great pie, usually they have the freshest ingredients available and every day except when we were there (it seems) they have well-honed, expert staff trained on all the latest Wood Oven Pizza techniques and we are not sure if we startled or confused the ladies making the pizzas by stating the fact that we were there to pick up a large cheese pizza... because from what we’ve heard the rest of their food is really good and we are saddened that we may have caused the ultimate distraction of the ladies baking our pie... ladies that specialize in running this trattoria’s Wood Oven Pizza... this place symbolizes a staple Italian cuisine place; it offers a casual, relaxed dining atmosphere with fresh-baked bread products and grocery’s at affordable pricing.  If you’re looking for a place to have a few laughs with friends and family this trattoria is an excellent choice and afterward treat them to a classic Italian dessert.  Nino D’Aversa Bakery specializes in fine gelato, prepared traditionally with an irresistibly smooth consistency.  And For treating your sweet tooth, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as their traditional Italian pastry. Their pasticceria gives you an expansive selection of delicious options, each of which is produced with authentic Italian techniques for a balance of sweet and savoury flavours and in the Panetteria it makes a better meal - At Nino D’Aversa Bakery, they’ve focused on quality since opening their first location, and our panetteria certainly isn’t an exception. So to recap they Offer Gelato , Artisan Bread, Custom Cakes, Baked Goods, Hot Table, Espresso Bar and what brought us here today the ‘wood oven pizza’ -> one bite everyone knows the rules ... when we first looked at we thought it would be immediately in the 8s or we were just scared ... but after one bite it was evident... it’s not all it’s cracked up to be the Sauce was bland w/ no kick ... the undercarriage and overall char was on point ... it did have flop even once it cooled off - major flop ... the cheese was a blend or it was just old ... not fresh ... it reminded us of Dutch pizza in Amsterdam where the Dutch will just put aged-Gouda on a pizza and be ok with it ... ( some would call it worse than Dutch Pizza Frankie - We wouldn’t - some would - We wouldn’t)... 1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> here we go ~> all wrapped into one ! 5.9 (professional score) Nino D’Aversa Pizza ! It looked like a Michael Angelo Pizza from Mississauga or a Trecce Pizza from the Danforth but those pies are fresh and baked by master pizza makers ... once you bite into Nino D’Aversa’s Pizza you can see why it’s score is definitely not in the 7s ... as you can see we review a lot of pizza and we hate that we could get intimidated if we where to review this pizza right at the Nino D’Aversa location ... so we can see why the other reviewer on here gave a straight 10/10 (unprofessional score) you’d be scared here not too give a high score ... but we never let them know we are coming and give fair honest reviews ... Nino D’Aversa has all the makings of excellence they just need to put it together better ... the dough ? Couldn’t swallow it ... it’s like a big wade in your mouth , cheese has an aged taste , sauce has no taste , dough bubbles were just rising so this pie was cooked too long and not hot enough at the beginning and the ingredients just weren’t fresh and we have never ‘not’ finished a pizza and we were super hungry and we didn’t finish the pie so it can’t get a 6! ... when you got the perfect location and awesome oven and all the makings of excellence -> all you need to do is throw out the recipe and get a new one ... that’s what papa johns did ... that’s a lesson in businesses... we will try the other locations as they have steady scores in the 7s but this location is a solid 5.9.... that’s a review!