Pizza Review
One bite everyone knows the rules.... Oyster Bay def isn't a town you think of when you start tossing around the word pizza. The only thing Oyster Bay is known for is double digits real estate taxes and Oysters. We found ourselves roped into a display of Canine fashion so this brought us out to the highest rated joint One Bite had to offer. The atmosphere at Nino's is next level. The owner is straight off the boat and the slice shop can't be any bigger than my first bedroom as a child. Its like eating pizza in a closet covered with posters from the Homeland. The slice itself was average. You can tell they use quality ingredients. The sauce had alittle bit of tang/sweetness and it wasn't invaded by any foreign spices. The dough itself had great flavor but the crust lacked substance. The cheese was super oily which comes from the quality and the fact the slice was re-heated. My only real major complaint was the cooking process itself. Either the oven isn't running at a high enough temp or the pizza needs to be kept in a little longer. It could also be the preparation process of the dough not having enough time to ferment but all these factors contributed to the cheese lacking that golden goodness and the crust not fully rising. Overall this is a solid local slice. This isn't pizza you are going to head out of your way for but if you are 6-7 Coronas deep after sucking back clams all day with a pretty little seniorita this slice would hit the spot. That's a review!