Pizza Review
Noble Pie Pizza Parlor. Corner of W 2nd and Arlington. You walk in and this place has an old pizza feel. Very cool. The biggest pie they got is the 20” pie, which is right up my alley. Ordered cheese. Gotta order the chee. Idk what it is with the fancy crust twist. Blind Onion had it too. Although this crust was a bit better than Blind Onion for taste. I would like to see a consistent crust at Noble though, some pieces were a thicker fluffier crust and some were a thin denser crust, bit of an identity crisis there. Onto the sauce, it was good. Would like to see more sauce, it was spread pretty thin. Cheese was the best part of the pizza. Great taste to it. Fresh taste. Overall not a bad pie. A good one in fact. My rule of thumb is, if it makes the 7’s or higher, it’s a pizza place I would revisit for more. This is definitely a place I would revisit for more. Noble Pie gets a solid 7.2