Pizza Review
Nothing fancy here, just a regular, traditional, standard football pizza. Not too thick, thinnish but not thin crust, firm & crispy, tasty dough leading to a pleasantly crunchy crust. Good char on the undercarriage, the pie is cooked very well. The cheese is a typical blend of shredded mozzarella, very basic pizza cheese, melted well, tinted orange from the mostly manageable excess oil with a somewhat salty flavor from the omnipresent grease. Much like the dough and cheese, the sauce is a smidge above average. Not particularly distinguishable, this is very pizza-flavored sauce, nothing unique or extraordinary. Overall, this isn’t terrible pizza, nor is it great, just a bit underwhelming flavorwise. The terrific texture supports the lackluster flavor just enough to score this pie in the 7s, but just barely. This is fine pizza for a slice on the go or a Friday night family pie; but for me, this is a run-of-the-mill, middle of the road, solid, yet far from spectacular football pizza.

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