Pizza Review
OK peeps. I usually despise grabbing a slice anywhere near Broadway and midtown because I’m usually severely unimpressed. But this time you got me. Touché! As soon as you walk in it’s littered with pictures of celeb chefs who probably got the back door VIP treatment and MSG. Decided to sneak across the street for a slice, good move. The place has been around since the late 60s rightfully so. Pictures of everybody from Rachel ray to chef Curtis and many others. Will now be the only place I stopped to get a slice before catching a next or Rangers game. Onto the pizza. The slice was the perfect width. Nice and crispy throughout. Perfect crunch. No New York flop. The sauce on the slice was nice and tasty. Not too much not too little. Great tasting cheese not overwhelming and not shitty cheap stuff. Just great flavor throughout. Now I’ve tasted a lot better but you’re one of the good ones Pal.. congrats.... bonus review. I also decided to get a fri divolo with peperoni Sicilian...It was friggin great. Sauce was amazing with the spice of pepperoni though was perfect nice and crispy buttery. Actually better than the regular slice. So for the regular slice I give you an 8.1 and for the Special Sicilian you get an 8.8

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