So I guess apparently there’s two pin points of this location the other pinpoint I had a regular cheese slice took me five minutes to make up my mind and I felt it was a solid rookie score 8 and I’ve been to seven or 10 other locations ever cents and none of them was able to compete with NYPD 4 but the Sicilian 7.9 I don’t know how they made this Sicilian slice but even after waiting on the display for a while before a customer decides to order and have it reheated the ingredients is there I’ve been to 17 locations or reviewed and I’m telling you NYPD 4 has what it takes to make a bomb ass pizza I have a feeling they’ve worked in the city most of their lives and decided to move down here but I’m telling you they do a great job so regular slice solid eight and this 7.9 even when reheated it’s no joke. Out of 17 places in this area that I have reviewed this is probably one of the best Sicilian slices you’re going to get. That’s the review show these guys some love.