Pizza Review
Got the regina margherita pizza from Officine. Called and ordered for pickup when I was leaving San Diego airport, which was a ten minute drive. The place was popping so I had high hopes based on that and reviews. Was a very authentic bufala mozzarella margherita with clean and highly fresh flavors/ingredients. Not sure how long pizza was in the box but disappointing how floppy it was, but had nice char. Would order dine in next time and order well done. Hard to gauge because it was a box pizza which dropped it a few notches but high quality ingredients, could go nontraditional and add more flavor to the sauce (grape tomatoes), maybe garlic and herbs. Was a very good quality margherita but not the best I’ve ever had. I’ve had a margherita that really knocked my socks off and this was wasn’t quite there but very good. Think the nature of this type of pizza makes it more bland.. 7.2, could’ve been a higher 7 category if not box flop.