Pizza Review
On many of the best in the city lists Ops features sourdough crusted pizzas in a wood fired oven usually in a Neapolitan style except for this square pie that takes a little bit longer and is one sexy square. Now because of my bonus car repair on the side of the road my focus was a little off but my first reaction was kind of a lucali taste on a square pie, the cheese and sauce felt very similar. The crust was nice and light, airy cuts with nice outer char and incredible flavor yet also pillowy in the interior. Their house made mozz was very silky and melty, covered with oil, basil and healthy amount of grated cheese. The sauce was fantastic, sweet and very fresh tasting from I wanna say San marzanos as all the pizzas are delivered atop a large can of them. Another unique feature of the pie was the addition of olives providing a taste I’ve never had before but I was diggin it. Place for sure lives up to the hype, great service and vibes inside, nice spot to take someone to impress!!! Another one of Brooklyn’s best off the list:)