Pizza Review
Despite the significant flop, this is a solid slice. The carriage is thin and chewy in a good way, and the bones are entirely edible. Cheese blend had nice flavours, with a small but noticeable parmesan tint. Sauce had a nice flavour too, mild and maybe slightly sweet, very good overall taste. A little more sauce would help balance out the cheese to sauce ratio. There is also a fair amount of grease, but the flavour makes up for that. All things considered, it’s well above average, better than most.

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Pizza Review
One Bite—everybody knows the rules. This is the first review I’ve done on the app so disregard the picture as I didn’t realize I was also going to become a budding pizza photographer. I’ll order some ring lights and a boom for the next one to make up for this atrocity. Hell I might bring in a camera crew. Alright so I was in town for the night and Otto came highly recommended by my brother. After a few crispy bois and debate over why toppings on a pizza are the work of the dark arts we gave it a go. We ordered the gold standard: cheese. At first sight the dollops of sauce on top of the cheese had me intrigued and honestly a little worried. I’m a pizza purist so when we get to having things other than cheese popping up on them the review score in my head starts popping down. Alright to the pizza. Overall appearance was good and it had a thing crispy feel which was exactly what I was hoping for. The under carriage had less char than I would have liked. Cheese was flavorful and had the right ratio with the sauce that had a slight tang. Crust was crispy and had the audible crunch you would hope for in any self respecting pizza. Decibels were there. Now for the grease factor—definitely had more that I would have liked which ultimately brings down the score. I’m not a stickler and my reviews are fair and without bias. The Olympic Committee have had their eye on me. But when I start taking points off for grease it’s because it was dripping into my hand. Don’t need that extra moisture I use hand lotion daily. I’m saying a solid 7.2 which is a good score.