Pizza Review
OK quarantine pizza review time. This time we went up up up state to the finger Lakes region. Owego, NY representing. I saw the review overall score for the place and said I got to give it a shot. It’s tough to put a city kid in this type of predicament but here we go. I didn’t in anyway expect to taste NYC or Hudson county New Jersey style Pizza so I think that helps the rating out a little bit. Had this place been in the heart of Brooklyn or Hoboken it would’ve hit a lot harder. Overall considering where I was it was serviceable. The crust was a little doughie and flavorless but at least it wasn’t a soggy mess. The cheese had a decent flavor but the sauce was a little bland. I think it fits the bill for where it is and in desperate times I would take desperate measures to eat again. Not a knock on you guys but i’m a little bit of a fancy man when it comes to pizza LOL ... A generous 6.6 review. I’m out