Pizza Review
Updated review because the last few reviews seem to be getting better scores, so figured maybe they changed something. The only thing they changed is they started sucking Portnoys dick for reviewing their frozen pizza. Their shirts all say shit about Barstool, theres a picture of Dave on the wall… thats fuckin gay. I don’t even think Dave reviewed their actual pizza just the frozen. If Dave came to Albany for Pizza, he’d be very disappointed. Anyway, the Plain slice was the clear winner of the slices I had. It was cooked well done and very crispy but the dough didn’t blow my dick off. The cheese was soft and pretty tasty, not greasy and clung to the slice very well. The sauce was good, not great, but better than most around Albany. The Brooklyn COB slices were ok. I can tell they’re trying hard with their “Cheese On Bottom” pizza, but it just didn’t quite do it for me 7.1 on that? Maybe if the sauce had a touch more sweetness to combat the acidity, it would work better, but even the dough was just kind of doughy for some reason, like the layering throws it off, the plain slice wasn’t that way. Maybe a 5 minute pre-bake before throwing the cheese and sauce on?