Pizza Review
One bite, everyone knows the rules. *meanwhile I go ahead and eat an entire slice.* So I walk to Strawberry Square to get pizza this evening to grab a pizza and as I go towards the register, the staff member walks into the back with their phone. I immediately turn around thinking "I am not risking a halfass pie, I am going to Palumbo's, because they clearly care about making a decent pizza." So I walk to Palumbos. When I get there I am immediately greeted by someone who at least acts like they care, which is all I need from a customer service perspective. The pie is great. Near perfectly cooked, enough flop to control and the cheese loss from pulling out the slice was less than I expected. The sauce reminded me of my favorite childhood pizzaria that has a hint of sweetness to it. There was also some green garnishment on there that make it appear to be a more upscale pie. Only downside is a few of the slices have significant sauce on the crust, so a little sloppy to eat, but not a big problem.