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Pizza Review
Ok Frankie we are at Papa Giuseppes Pizza (review time July 12th 12:30pm - posted a day later)... Papa Giuseppes is an Italian eatery with red-&-white checkered tablecloths & a patio, serving pasta & stone-oven pizza. They have been a local favourite in the community since they opened in March 2011. They offer traditional Italian food and they are known for their stone oven pizza and that’s what brought us here today-> one bite everyone knows the rules ... Thin as fuck ... major flop doesn’t even begin to explain.... sauce is like a Spaghetti sauce definitely homemade but bland ... the Crisp in the crust was insane but after taste was like toasted Italian bread ... dunno hard to explain ... such a crispy crust that is such a contrast from the ... Major flop... Frankie did we mention it was Greasy af .... Cheese was multi coloured and It was so thin and expensive with the spaghetti Sauce -> undercarriage had minimal char ... overall taste was good (some would call it way too thin Frankie - We wouldn’t - some would - We wouldn’t)... ~> all wrapped into one ! 7.7 (professional score) Papa Giuseppe Pizza ! The other scores on here in the 8s and 9s seems a little high and not based off the basic pie -> and we base everything we need to know off the basic pie ... and we score them 1 to 10 and we try em’ so you don’t have to ... we also tried the INSALATA CAPRESE salad with Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and fresh basil drizzled with EVOO and balsamic reduction and it was amazing ... the pizza was traditional stone oven Italian pizza perfection... price is step -> pie is thin but incredibly good - we can see how this place has stood the test of time - menu looks incredible and the INSALATA CAPRESE was just awesome... we will go 9.1 on the INSALATA CAPRESE and 7.7 on the pie ... it has all the makings to be in the 8s... but it’s just too thin to be worth the steep price .... 7.7 that’s a review!