Pizza Review
This is a very difficult review for me because growing up my favorite go to pizza was papa nicks on rocky river drive when the old man ran it. Then they moved like a couple of miles and the kids took over. So I ordered a deluxe pizza and a pepperoni and sausage pizza. I did get the cheese pizza free. So the cheese pizza had the sauce but honestly hardly any cheese and the crust and dough were very lacking. Score on that is like a 4.7. On to my go to as a kid the pepperoni and sausage pizza. The sausage is decent can taste the fennel seeds in it and the pepperoni was decent. Also the sauce was a little sweeter than the original. Honestly tasted a little like prego which I’m not fond of but maybe a little heavy handed on the sugar I hope. I’ll give it a 5.9. Crust on the hand toss should be crisp but not brunt but it was neither. On to the deluxe, this was the best one. Crust was really decent and sauce not as sweet. Also nice cheese and it was cooked decent. I’ll give this a 6.9. So the final tally is a 5.83. I really expected better