This is the best pizza that Milford has to offer.
Pizza Review
My Brother Eddie and I are faithful Loyalists to Papa’s Pizza on Naugutuck Avenue in Milford CT. The Head Pizza Maker name is Russ, he is the Maestro of Pizza. Noone can compare to The Pizza made by Russ. Papa’s is known for their Wooster Street New Haven Style Pizza, without the long lines and long waits. It is a Takeout Only Pizza Place , but does have a few Picnic Tables outside for those who would like to eat out fresh from the ovens. Just a little background on my brother and I....We are Diehard Pizza Fans and have traveled good distances to try all kinds of pizza...None can compare to Papa’s Pizza in Milford CT And just to let everyone know, Papa’s Pizza is not a local place to us... It’s a good 30 Minutes Drive with traffic to get there and another Half Hour back home to sink our teeth into this Creation from the Heavens!!! There mist be 30-40 Pizza Places if not more, thats just a count off the top of my head, and NONE can Compare!!! Hey El Presidente David!!!...please, if you can, try this place I’m your travels for i have watched each one of your reviews, and know the style pizza you like is the very same kind of baked pizza my brother and I love. As for anyone else reading this review???...Please, if you have not tried Papa’s Pizza as of yet and are a true connoisseur of True New Haven Style Pizza!!!... please give them a try! Make sure to tell Russ that the Boys from Trumbull, Kevin and Eddie, recommended going to him!!! Truly The Best!!!!