Pizza Review
This makes me upset. I ordered to pickup at lunch. Was kind of in a time crunch so I got there early before the “20 minute” ready time. I usually find the problem with showing up early is that they pull the pizza out too soon. Not the case here. I waited 15 minutes longer. “Sorry the pizza is a little well done. I can make a new one or give you some coupons.” I have no time to wait, so I elected for the coupons, which turned out to be a collect 25 and get a free pizza. They gave me 6....You fucking kidding me? You went scorched earth on my pizza and gave me no money back, and then expect me to come back? The cheese had more crunch than some doughs I’ve eaten. The sauce had good flavor at least. Have a feeling I would’ve liked this had it been not roasted. Probably would’ve come back for a fair shot if the customer service was better. Sorry. Grudge Brian ain’t coming back.