Pizza Review
Dined at Papas with some old friends from high school. The food was OK but was on the pricey side and lacked the exquisite flavor profiles of top pizza establishments like Dominos and Papa Johns. While not pictured I also enjoyed 2 cheesesteaks and a meatball sub which were both quite scrumptious. My issue was not with the food though. About halfway through the meal I did indeed shit my pants. Considering I was wearing my Depends for men I thought no big deal and continued to feast. However about 10 minutes after the manager approached our table and I was asked to leave as apparently other patrons had complained about a smell coming from our table. I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER AND I AM GOING TO FINISH MY FUCKING MEAL!!! How dare they asked me leave!?!? To their credit they did let me finish my meal but the damage of this embarrassing moment had already been done. On my way out another rather large turd squeezed out of my buttchocks and in doing so overwhelmed my Depends for men leaving a rather nasty pile of dump right in front of their host stand. For that I am sorry but you never should have asked me to leave while I was feasting! 0.4/10