Pizza Review
I wanted to show some love for the little guys over at Pappaninos. I will preface that I live pretty far from there, but got delivery. It arrived in a little over an hour; fast, hot, and fresh much like their menu proclaims. I got the stadium pepperoni and sausage. As I'm sure you know by now, I've consumed some pizza in my day, and this is the largest size I've ever had delivered (16" x 24") just ahead of John's Ristorante in Bucktown (14" x 22"). This pizza is simply delicious. Two things that really stood out for me was the cheese and sausage. Cheese cooked well, not too salty. The sausage might be some of the best I've ever had. It's seasoned very well, above average size chunks, and juicy. The crust is thin, just slightly crispy on the bottom, with a soft chewy bite. I usually don't comment on price too often, because you can't put a price on good pizza, but wow was this cheap. Check out their coupons as they are an amazing value. Don't pass up this little joint if you're in the neighborhood!