Pizza Review
With locations in Wilton & Darien, Parlor is a cool little date spot for pizza & wine. They serve 12” personal size wood-fired Neapolitan style pies along with plenty of specialty pizzas. While they look like your standard cookie cutter Neapolitans, their dough is actually firmer, slightly more crispy and definitely tastier than the generic wood-fired pizzas. I ordered a Margherita and standard cheese pie to compare and contrast. Both pies were mostly soft with just enough firmness, crisp & char to rise above basic Neapolitan style pizza. The sauce on both pies was more bitter and tangy than sweet, could definitely use some kick in the spice department, not terrible but bordering on bland with just enough flavor to make it serviceable. The creamy fresh mozzarella on the Margherita edges out the shredded cheese Parmesan-flavored blend. Both pies are solid, yet unspectacular; but definitely better than the average Neapolitan pizza, particularly the dough. The Margherita comes in at 7.4, while the cheese pie scores a 7.2, averaging out an overall rating of 7.3 for the Darien location. This is very solid pizza to pair with wine if your looking for some drinks and a nice date spot.