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I had pizza from two different places yesterday. I’m not ashamed. Pizza hustle never sleeps. I’ve frequented Pat’s from when I lived in Printer’s Row three years ago. There are a few pizza options within a 4-5 block radius in this area, so it’s nice for walking. I tend to lean toward Pat’s. They do more with less. The crust is extra thin; not New York floppy thin, but Chicago thin. I like that it’s crunchy, but not crispy aka it doesn’t flake like a cracker. The best part is the balance of ingredients and how the flavor comes through. The savory sauce is extremely red. What I mean by this is when it cooks, the outer edge has the appearance of more a tomato paste. I like it, but it isn’t dry. It has the right amount of moisture. The toppings are pretty average in amount, but the sausage shines. Extremely fresh and not processed tasting. Overall, Pat’s is solid. Pains me to say it’s a little expensive for the volume of food you get, but if you appreciate good flavor, money isn’t a concern.

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