Pizza Review
Patsy's 7 Nothing Special..... Not to add the asshole serving the customers. I asked him in spanish what types of pies they have like Margherita etc., he stays silent, i repeat he stays quiet, i ask if he understands, he responds they are not coal, what do you want in spanish not even looking at me in my face just staring off as if high, he repeats his que tu quieres mantra, and by now the guys in the back are poking heads out to see what's going on, I then say in spanish, what service!, and instead of getting a pie I just bought 1 slice. Walking away this herb then starts singing in spanish, keep them over there, don't bring them over here........ And that was my first original Patsy's visit on 118th and 1st. Maybe a 7.2 if it was a hot slice.