Pizza Review
Seeing lots of high scores here, flooded with 9s, for this rather unique Jersey pizza. Somewhat thick with the kind of pie crust you find in deep dish style, very similar to Lou Malnati’s in Chicago. This is actually more of a “pie” pie 🥧 than bar pie; like it should be stuffed with apples and cinnamon. As far as the pizza ingredients go, the sauce tastes like watery crushed tomatoes; no zing, zip or does nothing for me. The cheese is drowning in grease, giving it an orange glow making this more like a “pumpkin pie” 🎃 than bar pie. The dough & crust have a buttery pie flavor that’s more suited for dessert than pizza. Excellent crispness overall, just not much to offer in the flavor department; some garlic & spices could help. While I appreciate the uniqueness of this pie, it’s just not my style.