Pizza Review
Good slice for on the go ... I only had the square pizza .. the regular looked a little pale for my liking. I stoped in there and had a slice and loved it I went back a few days later and had it again and loved it .. during the corona outbreak I wanted to bring a few slices home for my pizza stockpile ... well he had no square slices so I said bake me a whole pie. Thinking I was going to be set for a few days having my stash in my freezer and having this delicious pizza at an arms length of my mouth. Well To my surprise when I got it home the crust had a brownish color to it and was not the same taste I had the first 2 times I was there. My first thought it was old dough but thought about it and quickly changed my mind and blamed it on perhaps it was a wheat based dough or some type of weirdo gluten free dough. I ate it a couple times but I skived it each time. I still have 6 slices left in the freezer and will probably get freezer burned before I eat it. It looks like it might be in the garbage soon to make room for a better replacement. I will go back to Paulie again but after this corona is history to get the slice I crave.