Pizza Review
This place is tucked away in the strip mall that includes Mariano's. The inside is surprisingly more spacious than I anticipated and is a nice lunch spot for sure. The menu has your normal Chicago staples like Italian Beef, Vienna hot dogs, and of course slices of pizza. I got one pepperoni and one sausage slice ($3.50 a piece and $7 credit card minimum, I had no cash). The slices were out in about 5 minutes. The place was not busy, but steady for the lunch crowd. The slices are pretty large and are dense even though they are thin crust. I probably could've got away with eating just one and been satisfied. The crust is firm and crispy; lots of cheese, and average amount of sausage. The sauce was not the most flavorful, but I find that's usually result of getting slices rather than a fresh pizza. Overall, it's a really good value and tasted fresh; not dried out. I'll be back for a quick lunch.