Pizza Review
I waited to post this review so that I could try Pauly's a few times before making an assessment. I probably frequent this place about once a week now for several reasons. First, it's just good traditional by-the-slice pizza. Not reinventing the pie here. Pauly's appeals to the masses. I've taken friends who are visiting here from different parts of the country and they all enjoyed it. You can walk in, order a slice for $3-$4, wait 10 minutes, and go on your way. One "slice" is actually a monstrous two pieces (see picture for scale to plate). Don't go in expecting a standard New York style flimsy pizza. This is just thick enough that you can eat one handed without all the toppings fall on to the floor. Being that Toppers is a few doors down, this is a much better substitute for the value and taste, and they're open late on the weekends. This is a convenient and quick stop after the bars or late night munchies. You really can't go wrong here, no surprises. The team consistently puts out delicious fresh slices. Check them out if you're in the neighborhood.